how creative are you?

2010 Jun working on proposal in his loft studio

"How creative are you? It's up to you," says monumental artist Jun Kaneko. In the ancient Asian way of teaching, he inspires us by doing, not by instructing. You learn by example. Follow Emmy-award winning film-maker Joel Geyer and Jun Kaneko around the world in "Kaneko's Monumental Risk" as he explores the creative frontiers of ceramics, glass, bronze, and even opera stage design in cities like San Francisco, Kyoto, Puerto Vallarta, Shanghai and New York. Regardless of where you see his work–city parks, plazas, airports, theaters – his style and massive scale are unmistakably KANEKO.

Now, he is taking his greatest risk–the creation of three hours of projected animation on seven screens for the San Francisco Opera’s all new, six million dollar production of Mozart’s “Magic Flute.” Will his wildly abstract fusion of traditional Japanese art and American modernism work in an 18th Century German Opera? The over 3,000 patrons at the opera’s premier will decide. Has he finally gone too far? Or has he taken Mozart’s music into a magical new realm? Either way, Kaneko will inspire you to reflect on the nature of your own creativity.


For more than 30 years, Emmy Award winning producer, Joel Geyer, has been creating national PBS documentaries which include “Buffett and Gates Go Back to School,” "Coach Osborne –More than Winning," and the American Masters film “Willa Cather – The Road Is All.” Geyer Group Productions, LLC specializes in educational, multi-platform productions. For an example visit Willa Cather’s Virtual World.


Kaneko Takes Risks

Simply put, Jun Kaneko likes to take risks. Monumental risks.

Mozart and Kaneko

As the overture begins, Kaneko has a great opportunity to win the audience over to his abstract aesthetics. The overture is 100% animation on an 80 foot screen.

Director on Storytelling

Director Joel Geyer explains the most important thing in a story. It's the feeling of being alive.